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May 2nd, 2006

i probbaly added you. its mostly for writing though.this one's still for bitching

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06:30 pm - goddamnit
so. zac and i try and get hannah to talk to harrison. cause hannah was convinced there was no intelligent man. and we werent trying to hook them up just for them to be friends (zac had the intent but not me).

so they talk and hannah comes off with "well i dont think it'll work out even if i did like him" and zac had just finished telling me that harrison, two months back, was flirting and all over this girl i really dont like. so i got defensive cause i dont want that kind of guy with my best friend and i acted on impulse and respnded to her with "ya i dont think i'd want you to go out with him anyway" and she gets hella pissed saying it's like dangling candy in front of a baby....

but i fricken agreed with her and she's all pissed off at me. her n chrstine. wont accept apologies or even my attempts to try and fix what ive done wrong and they can just come to me when they're finished being mad.

i cant stand it when people say whatever to me. like im not worth their time.

well. just gotta wait for her to work off her tantrum.

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November 8th, 2005

11:19 am - This is for english
it's for enlgish, it's the one with the naraku dream, im relishing on it cause it has to be gothic.

I was in darkness, unknowing and unaware bound in a deep abyssal plain I could not escape. I could just begin feeling the tingling sensations of my nerves reviving from their previous state of paralysis. My eyelids twitched, gasping as i stole a deep intake of air to have the putrid stink of death attack my nostrils. I whimpered, my body fighting this foreign fluid that had deeply penetrated my whole being by the sharp pierce of a needle. My arms shook in weakness, but I forced them to move, carefully crawling onto my hands and knees. My back arched, my stomach crunching and releasing as the filth it held made its way through my system and exited onto the floor through my lips. Coughing and choking I heaved, staring down at the waste which had held the poison that had put me in my doll like state. I fell back onto my knees, breathing heavily and wiping the beads of sweat from my brow when I remembered the rancid smell that filled the room.

I took in my surroundings: the cracked, fridgid cement floor, crumbling from age. The worn and damp wallpaper that peeled in strips from the wall wence it came. The tattered drapings that hung lifeless from their bindings over a small crusted window. That window was more significant than it seemed, but to me, in this moment of dazed confusion, it was my only companion. The soft moonlight poured through the filth on the window, illuminating the room with a dull gray hue. A termite-ridden desk was pressed against the wall beneath the window, a lone chair haphazzardly shoved beneath it. Carefully I stood, my knees still buckled as I trudged carefully toward it. I tested a chair, putting partial weight on it's wooden frame before hoisting myself onto it, my fingers tightly grasping the stone pane as support, I did not want to put full weight on the chair had it decided to betray me. A sharp pain ran down the side of my left leg as I pushed myself up on the tip of my toes, shoving an arm in the pane while my other hand desperately wiped at the dusty rotted window. I could feel my breath quicken and my heart sink in a deep depression within my stomach as I continued to clean the glass...the window had cross-hatched steel beams thoroughly bounded on the outside of it. But, I would not allow myself to give up now, to break down into the tears that so eagerly wished to come.

Instead I clumsily leaped from the chair and back onto the floor, careful to avoid the mess I had made not too long ago. I noticed a prickling feeling stinging on my neck, all around it, a cold metallic feeling. Reaching up, I felt a circular object around my neck, no button or clasp to undo its bindings. I swiftly skittered over to a slightly tilted mirror on the wall, staring at my blurry reflection to take a closer look. Numbers were embedded into the silver ring '0100' in a deep, scarlet red. Once my breathing drew to a rythmic stage after the excitement had dimished, I could hear a low ticking. It could scarcely be heard, but nonetheless it was there. I could see something flittering in the corner of my eye, quickly jumping aside. It was an envelope...which happened to have my name neatly printed on the front. I paused, listening for any movement outside of the thick oak door before diving for the letter, ripping it out of its fancy encasing.

Dear Eden,

You are probably wondering where you are...
Perhaps how you've gotten here. Or maybe you're
more concerned with the explosive device I've
placed around your neck.
It is set to go off at 1 a.m., that's precisely
15 mninutes from now. Your objective is to find two
keys. One unlocks the room in which you are in,
the other is the key which opens the front door,
the key to your life. If you do not make it
through those doors at 1 a.m...the results will
be less than desirable. Since you are at more of
a disadvantage than the others I will give you
a hint: The first key was placed into your sister's
cake...which you absolutely had to eat. The second
is in the heart of the stench that fills the
room you are in.


Upon seeing the note I could feel panic rise as a harsh lump within my throat, my pace in breathing quickening. I shoved those feelings aside, holding my breath and letting my eyes shut. I calmed before I regained composure, running the words through my mind. 'the first key was placed in your sister's cake, which you absolutely had to eat' my hand carefully placed itself upon my stomach, the other going over my clenched eyes. I had swallowed my freedom, my passage to life. The simple fact was that my spitefulness toward my sister had driven me to my death--or had it? I stared at the pile of mixed foods and poisons my stomach had refused. In a sense I felt relieved, I hadn't completely destroyed my frail being. I drooped to my knees, swallowing the lump that had previously ridden in vain, crawling over to the pile of muk. I closed my eyes, taking in another breath before plunging my hand into the clumpy gusah which had previously been my day's meal. Cringing, I felt around, my fingers searching carefully for a hard, smooth object. I could feel a small, dull prick.
I quickly whipped out my prize, ignoring the gunk that covered every crevice of my hand, forcing it into the door. I turned it with haste, but I was not as stupid as to rush into opening the door just yet. I needed the second key. 'the second is in the heart of the stench' I needed to find whatever was causing this smell. There was a part of me that whimpered in cowardice, wanted to go home and sleep in a nice warm bed with the cat at my feet. I took in to consideration: this was not my house, this was not my room, and I needed to survive.
My eyes scanned the room, taking in every detail, every object. I swiftly strolled over to a sliding door closet, why I hadn't seen this before still phases me, but time was against me, I didn't have time to ponder. without fear or hesitation, with the little bravado invested in me, I swung the door open, crashing it against the frame as splinters went flying. What I saw next nothing could've prepared me for. It was a body, sprawled across the floor of the closet, its joints were forced in ways in which it a not meant to be. The gender of the body was unknown, for the skin cindered and smoldered from a flame long since extinguished. A look of horrific terror was crossed on it's burnt features--or what was left of it--its skin flaking and releasing a smell that cannot be described. I could feel my stomach chruning once again, quickly bringing my shirt to protect my sensitive nostrils. I carefully kneeled, my hand slightly shaking as I felt hot, stinging tears well in my eyes. Its chest had a circle carefully carved between the breasts, a perfect orb with a question mark crudely cut in the center. I whimpered and gave a small cry as I stared at the glimmering blade which peered from beneath the cadaver's head. 'the second is in the heart of the stench' I reached for the knife, clasping my reluctant fist around its handel before plunging it deep within the first line of the circle. I could feel the disgust in my actions rise, moaning as I forced the blade in the line traced for me. the crunching of the skin made it easier, but didn't make the process less robust. I flung the discus of skin aside, giving a deep gasping whimper. the heart was unscatched, just in the opening I had chizzeled. I wiped my forehead, my bloody hand wiping the inky substance onto my face before carefully pulling out the heart. Though I continued to cry, I wrecklessly sliced the organ open.
A spurt errupted before blood spilled from the sides, spreading around and emptying in a pool around my knees, staining my jeans. I snatched the key, shoving it into my pocket before regaining blanace on my feet. I bolted to the door, forcing the oak beast open before sliding into the hallway. I looked left, right, then straight ahead of me. Three corridors of their mass monstrosity stood before me, the helplessness in me growing and spreading as a hot fire through my veins. I flipped my hair back, taking a couragous breath before running straight forward, the muscles in my legs pumping at full speed, guzzling any energy I had stored away. the clock was ticking, its rythmic beat tapping against my neck as if a warning. The hall seemed endless, its cracked, golden arches repeatative and taunting as I pushed myself forward. I saw light straight ahead of me, shining a pearly white, the sign that the sun was rising. The ring around my neck began to beep, a small ringing which forced my heart to beat faster, pushing my legs faster. I took a brave launch off of my foot, my arms curling around my head, crashing through the gleaming window. Time seemed to slow, the glass cutting my skin when the loop around my neck released it's hold. I had only been on the first floor, rolling violently on the plush green grass from the momentum of my speed and leap. A few feet away there was an explosion...the neck-brace. I rolled onto my back, my vision blurry as I stared up, my gaze coming to catch an amethyst stare before I met darkness once again.

When I reawoke my breathing was steady, the sun smiling down through a glass roof which was at least thirty feet above me. Blocking strips of the sunlight were...bars. I sat up with a start, looking around. I was in a room filled with people, every one of them in a small steel-bound cage. I had narrowly escaped death to end up back in a prison. I had to admit that this atmosphere was less blood curddling than the last, and the room freshener...was more pleasurable than the last. I stared in the cell next to me on the left--there was a girl, she looked about 17 or 18-- and in the cell on my right was a boy no older than 12. "I see you survived," it was the girl next to me, her head olling to face me with a sadistic smirk. "We all did--"
"Shut up!" the boy next to me cried. His position was fetal, his knees pulled up to his chest as he sobbed quietly. I stared at the boy and took the best guess was to not ask him about the subject which seemed so touchy. So instead I turned to the girl.
"He had to kill his dog...key was in its stomach," she explained. And before I could respond, the cell doors opened. Two men held them open while the other stood in the doorway. It was the same pair of violet eyes that had stared down at me not so long ago, his face smug and amused.
"Come with me Eden," his voice soothed as he began to walk down the pathway between the cells. I stared at the two beside me before giddily following along, curious as if a child following her father's footsteps. I wished to know what had happened, what was going on and this specter seemed to hold the answers I seeked. I stared into the eyes that bore into my back from the teena whose cells we passed. every one of these hundreds of people looked between the ages of 10-18, not one adult.

I followed quietly, keeping the words to myself, the man momentarily peeking back at me, as if making sure I still followed in toe. He lead me to a large, circular room made almost entirely of darkened glass. I stared out of the transparent walls, my eyes feasting on the open plains that stretched for miles outside of this gargantuan fortress. He sat behind an obsidian desk, motioning me to take a seat with a grin. I glared sternly, my eyebrows furrowed and knitted together as I unsurely took a seat. I didn't trust this man, the tingling of uncertainty producing from my intuition filling my every nerve. "Please try to calm down Eden--"
"I've heard of you," I spat in return. "You're a slave trader," at this he gave a chuckle. This was no laughing matter, I had seen clips on TV where this man sitting before me ripped people to shreds, shamelessly killing innocents on the street and getting away with it. I should fear this man, this insane manic, but perhaps my anger had taken the best of me.
"Please, Eden, that's only what the public thinks. Now do you wish to know why you're here?" he said rather harshly, but with a grin still plastered to his fine features. I remained silently, giving a frustrated sigh as I brought my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around them while resting my chin between the two. "I only take those I believe are fit for my customers. Your parents have been taken as well, and I'm proud to say they've both made it through my little test." My eyes boggled...he had taken my parents? "The bad news is they have already been sold." What was this he was speaking of? Customers? Sold? "But you...Eden you're special. I've sold children to others...but I've never had any of my own. I've watched you, young, vivacious, determined, wise...you remind me much of myself," he gave a small good-natured chuckle. Though my defenses were slowly breaking down, I did not fully trust him. I had a hard time believing the footage I had seen was this calm, gentleman in front of me. And though the words he was saying should've made me the least bit spooked...it didn't. I slipped from my reverie when I heard him whistle and pat his thigh. I heard the clippings of claws on the marble, turning my head to see the animal which had entered. I gasped, stumbling out of my chair and throwing my arms around the canine's neck.
"Winston!" My dog. He had brought me my dog! I glowered up at him, the mistrust growing yet again. "What do you want?" I demanded. He smiled, almost warm-heartedly at the sight.
"Think of it...as my gift to you. No strings attached. A prize, for winning my game." he quipped. I smiled, gently nuzzling Winston as he licked my face, his tail excitedly wagging. I stood, the man's face twitching when the phone upon his desk rang. he sighed, rolling his eyes as he picked it up, answering it with exasperation. Our eyes locked as he spoke to the person on the other line. "Yes? You want to change the date to today? Just a minute," he stood putting the phone on the desk. "If you would step out for a minute, dear," he said kindly, flashing me a warm smile. Though the smile was kind, there was a morbid touch, a sly fire dancing in those deep purple eyes. I scampered out, winston trotting along beside me as the metallic door shut behind me. I leaned against it, sighing as new thoughts ran through my head: is he my new father? will i be...'sold'? I grunted in dismay when Winston harshly pulled at my pants (which were now clean), growling low beneath his breath. "What?" i snapped in half annoyance. I agve into his pull, his jaws prying free as he pranced down the hall. my eyes widened, stuttering and reaching out for him. "N-No! Winston...!" but I felt my feet pick up and follow him. He lead me through a passage of halls and down a pair of stairs, finally stopping in a deserted lobby. The lobby was themed with the same midnight glass, revealing that the outside was now dark and clouded, the rain pounding hard upon the barren land. Winston quickly pulled my behind a large Grecian-themed pillar of stained black glass when the large double doors opened. I peeked arefully around, a shabby, but nice looking man looking unnerved walking up to the front desk. He was dressed in a business suit, a suitcase clasped tightly in his clutch, his balding spot in the rear of his head reflecting the upper, chandellier lights. The room highly echoed as he cleared his throat, searching for an employee behind the desk. He nervously looked around, as if he wasn't supposed to be there, swiping his forehead with a hankerchief. I ducked more behind the pillar, my companion remaining equally quiet as Averigenos appeared behind the diamond desk.
"May I help you?" he chimed good naturedly.
"I-I....I need a wife--a good one--a-and a strapping son. Maybe a daughter?? No, no...that's too expensive. Just a wife and a daughter." he spluttered quietly as if he was being watched. My captor gave a sage nod before disappearing in a back room. I leaned in slightly closer, holding my breath as I yearned for the next action. Winston tugged the back of my shirt worriedly, trying to pull me back behind the pillar. When Averigenos reappeared, there was a stern looking woman, wise with age on his right, her wrists bound in front of her. And next was the teen which had been next to me in the cell. She was glowring, her nose scrunched up in dissatisfaction as she glared at the man who was to be her new father. My heart plunged, its beating stopped for a split second as I clenched my eyelids shut, returning behind the pillar. I put my face in my hands, shaking my head in disbelief. Winston nudged my hands, licking them affectionately in comfort. How one man could have enough power over so many lives, how he could use them to his advantage to sell as spouses and children. Who had given him this right? How had no one found him? I had not enough time to think when my dog was once again hastily pulling at my shirt. I rose to my feet as told, my canine staring out to make sure no seeking eyes were watching before bolting toward the door. I gasped, quickly following him. What if we were caught? What kinds of trouble would we be in? At this moment I felt a new burst of freedom, a whole new profound appreciation for what I had fought for in the past few hours. And I took this chance. I rushed out the door just as quickly, sprinting down the dirt road. The drops falling from the sky fell gently upon my whole being, soaking through and through...but I didn't care. I nearly tripped when Winston had herded me into a corn field, masking me from any prying eyes, an easier escape.
I no longer had a mother, father, or even a home. But I had my companion. and though he would not live as long as I would, we would find a home.

From the glass window he watched. His amethyst gaze boring into the girl and her dog as they 'escaped'. He had a birds-eye view from his office, his hands casually laced together behind his back. He tilted his head, a dark lock brushing over his bearing eyes. "Run little Eden...run as fast as you can. In the end...you'll return to me." his whispering voice hissed, dripping with amusement. "For you and I...are more alike than you think."

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October 19th, 2005

09:44 am - explanation
He had been all ver me all day telling me how much he was going to miss me and we were together starting at school to midnight. so at midnight i had to take him home and we hung out there for a while. cuddled, kissed, etc etc etc. So we get to the door and it's open (Moon's out, crickets, really nice). He's holding my hands and the look in his eye was so sad =( he really didn't want me to leave. He leaned down and kissed me (which is a feat saying as im 5'0 and he's 6'2) then said he loved me. UGH IT AS SO AWESOME. but then i had to leave...that sucked.

SAMMY ------ Call me!!!! my phone's been down for about 6 months. I'm all good now. 603-2525
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October 17th, 2005

11:31 am - AH-HA!!!!



I was right!!! i was right i was right i was right!!!!!!

He WAS going to say he loved me! right before i left on the cruise for vacation, he told me he loved me and i dont have time to explain cause class is almost over, but i just wanted to say.....

........I WAS RIGHT!!!
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June 17th, 2005

01:09 am
Been a while since I've updated, had some shit happen, I'd put it but someone always gets pissed so it's gonna stay inside me, build up and I'll be a bitch so ya, have a party.

I wanna write about naraku again. he's so fucking fun to twist around my finger...

Jealousy is one of the darkest forces there is...don't fuck with it, you WILL lose.
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February 9th, 2005

05:35 pm

What's your anime character? (Girls only)
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January 3rd, 2005

12:14 am
something just hit me. I've seen every episode of inuyasha. Hm. That's interesting.

I called crystal a bitch cause she watches it in english. Sounds shallow right? well i didn't even know her and she thought that just because she was a senior she could pound down on me and randomly comes up to me: "I know more about inuyasha than you." I was TOTALLY taken aback. so my first response: "Oh? who's jakotsu?" There was a pause.

Crystal: he doesn't exist.

Me: oh? go look him up. Gayest Fag of them all and the best character of the show, but they won't show him on the TV you watch, oh no. The whole section of the Shinchinintai will be deleted.

Crystal: *PROBABLY thinking:....Shinchinintai...?* whatever *walks away*

I felt good. but couldn't help being pissed...who the fuck does that? turns out she knows ReAnna...my sister. one of them. ReAnna's been talking to her about me.
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January 2nd, 2005

UH-HUH UH-HUH UH-HUH!!! WOOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOO WAIT TILL I SHOVE THIS SHIT IN CRYSTAL'S FACE! bitch watches it in english, hates kagome, no fucking wonder, in enlgish i hate kagome too BUT JAPANESE BABY!!

naraku's not defeated, but of course this is rumiko we're talking about so he just kinda loses his youkai powers and disappears into oblivion.

INU-YASHA. AND KAGOME. ENGAGED BABY. you can't hiiiiiide it! he looooves her and he said it! the fucker went through an epiphony he was apologizing and being nice and romantic and everything. poor kikyou got the shit kicked outta her by kanna....felt bad....but she gets with some human dood. they're cute. Kanna has a baby *......*

so because rumiko takahashi is predictable there's most likely going to be OAV's. but he said he loved kagome it was soooooooooo cute.
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August 4th, 2004

09:09 pm

Right, Stepahnie, I've known her since 7th grade, but 8th grade i had her in history and science which i was partners with her sometimes in history and all the time in science. she's had a pretty tough life. I wont explain that, keep it to myself. my point is i knew her pretty well. and she was nice as hell. she had no one. she had Chase, and he loved her and she loved him.

so he calls her up crying and wants to break up...no reason...she says okay then hangs up. she writes a suicide note, stabs herself twice then hangs herself...jesus h christ...anyway...her sister finds her then Chase calls two hours later to get back with her....when he found out he fainted then tried to kill himself by hanging as well...they found him half dead. he's alright, but in the ward. so fucking sad....

ANY OF YOU, I REPEAT _ANY_ OF YOU ANGSTY PEOPLE READING THIS WHO WANNA COMMIT SUICIDE DONT BITCH TO ME ABOUT IT OKAY?! I'M DONE WITH PEOPLE CLOSE TO ME DOING IT! The only two times that it's happened in my life was two months ago and just last weekend, TOO FUCKING CLOSE TOGETHER! One my uncle, and one a friend. not an aquaintence, a friend. *kicks wall*
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